Consultant Profile

Davide Della Casa
OneStopWiz - Principal Consultant and Founder


Because of his experience in Consulting (3 years in Accenture) and his hands-on experience in writing dozens of apps/sites/libraries, Davide can distill your idea description into a concise plan in just a few minutes. He'll sketch out a map of possible solutions and give you shortcuts, so you can execute your idea with the least effort and maximum result.

Background and Experience

Davide Della Casa (MSC, MBA) has 15 years of experience consulting, managing and implementing software projects in companies of all sizes (from Vodafone to his own startups), in different markets (from mobile to music), in different roles (contractor, permanent, founder) and different countries (Italy and UK, with temporary roles in Germany and US).

He is a strong believer in lifelong education/self-education and in the importance of cross-domain knowledge: after his background education in humanistic studies and Computer Science, he got an MBA, pursued Project Management certifications and wrote (and still writes) academic papers on language design and Artificial Intelligence.

Davide developed several mobile apps, including "Twas The Night Before Xmas" iPad book, featured in the Apple Store in December 2010 (no longer on sale).

Besides mobile apps development, Davide has a deep interest in Computer Algebra Systems (he maintains the most complete Computer Algebra System written in Javascript), live interfaces, visualisation, programming language design and generative art.

He is a strong participant in Open Source (more than 40 projects on github totalling more than 1000 stars). Some of these projects have professional relevance (i.e. five project-management tools), others significantly impacted relevant interest groups (i.e. Algebrite, LiveCodeLab) and gained academic recognition (LiveCodeLab).

For more details see Davide's CV and Davide's Linked-in profile.

A few sample projects

Playful Geometries: a nifty coloured and fun installation made by Davide and Patrick Gaunt (aka paddywwoof) consisting of interactive projections of 3d shapes and patterns. "Playful geometries" is a sound-reactive, multi-user, multi-screen and it scales from coffee-table personal living-room toy to hangar-size premiere-grand-opening scale. Interaction is based on ambient sound and by users tablets controlling the colors, shapes and animations.

Shazhoven: a fun iPad app, Shazhoven is a hang-on-the-wall application that listens for music and re-enacts a "dancing" Beethoven, dressing him up depending on the genre of the music. Made with OpenFrameworks. (due to key parts of the application belonging to Shazam Entertainment LTD, Shazhoven is not open source).

LiveCodeLab: a web-based livecoding environment. It was created and released by me in April 2012, and then from November 2012 co-authored by me and Guy John aka Rumblesan, together with many other contributors. LiveCodeLab is currently Davide's second most popular open source project, with over 150 stars on Github and more than 40 forks.

"The Real Goss" iPhone app: a prototype app. A song playing in the room is first recognised (using an internal Shazam SDK). The app then picks up the names of any celebrity from either the title or the author of the song. A number of pre-structured Google searches are then performed to scrape real, in the wild gossip about the celebrity.

Raspberry-pi autoVJ: automatic motion graphics for Raspberry pi using pi3d framework, source available on github. AutoVJ works by modifying the properties of two primitives (a cube and a background plane). Properties can be: the shader, the scale of the shader, the scale of the object, the rotation speed, the palette. Some extra effects kick-in randomly such as flashing, inverting the colors, and changing the orientation of the gradients.

Rapture-index Dashboard: a dashboard visualising data from the Rapture index site. A possible description as follows: "the Rapture index is a Dow Jones Industrial Average of end time activity". The related wikipedia page contains most interesting factoids about the index and the site.

More details (and many more projects) are available at Davide's site and Davide's Github