Non-disclosure agreement

We won't share any confidential information about you, by any means, with anyone else.

Date: 1st June 2018

Between Xedient Ltd. (providing the OneStopWiz service) and you: [customer name]

What's confidential information?

It’s anything you write or say to us in a phone call, chat window, email or by any other method. It might relate to a project, be about your businesses or something technical like a password. Nothing’s excluded. If you share it, it’s covered.

We’ll keep shared information to ourselves and we won’t use it except for the reason it was shared. We’ll take every step to make sure it stays confidential too. We’ll keep confidential information safe and secure. This includes keeping files, access to online systems and any user names and passwords in such a way that they can’t fall into the wrong hands.

If we think that there’s material possibility that any confidential information might have been compromised, we'll tell you right away so we can take all necessary steps to protect you. We also agree to help you to resolve any problems that might arise if confidential information is compromised.

When this agreement ends, we’ll delete any materials, physical or digital that we may have.

So what can we say?

This agreement doesn’t apply to any information that’s already in the public domain or might become public by any other means. It also does not cover a situation where we’re required by law to disclose it.

How long does this agreement last?

Unless we’ve agreed otherwise — for example within a separate contract — this agreement lasts for one year from the last signature date down below. On or before that termination date, you can then specify items of confidential information that must never be disclosed. These might include a password or information about a project or your business.

Small print

Just like a parking ticket, we can’t transfer this contract to anyone else without permission. If, for some reason, one part of this contract becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining parts of it remain in place. Although the language is simple, the intentions are serious and this contract is a legal document.

Signed by Davide Della Casa on behalf of Xedient Ltd. for the OneStopWiz service

Signed by and on behalf of: [customer name]


Date: 1st June 2018